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          BS CE British regulatory adapter USB 10W



          BS CE British regulatory adapter USB 10W
          Input and output characteristics
          1. input: 100V - 240V 50/60Hz;
          2. input fluctuation range: 90V - 264V, 47Hz - 63Hz;
          3. output power: 10W; output parameter: 5V1A, 5V2A, 4.2V2A, 8.4V1A and so on
          4. output error: < + 5%;
          5. efficiency: >85%;
          6. ripple: >120mV;
          7. high voltage test: >3KV, 10mA, 60S;
          8. insulation resistance: P-S>50Mohm, at, 500V, DC;
          9. working temperature range: -20 DEG C - 45 DEG C. Humidity: 30% - 85%;
          10. transportation and storage environment / temperature: 0 - 75 C, humidity: 0% - 95%;
          11. overload protection, over-current protection, anti starting shock, anti electronic interference;
          12: weight: 260g;
          13. power: surface temperature at room temperature 25 degrees, the surface temperature of >50 degrees. The full >60 degrees, 45 degrees, with aging, the surface temperature of >75 degrees.
          Environmental Science
          1, the working environment temperature range: -29 C TO + 45. 5 DEG C.  
          2, storage temperature range: -40 C TO + 75 C.  
          3, heat resistance: after testing the product, placed at 105 C + 3 C high temperature box, after 16 hours after testing, the product must meet 4. 7 item voltage test requirements: insulation resistance: 500VDC no less than 10 M ohms, between input and output, between input and shell.  
          4, humidity resistance: at ambient temperature of 40 + 2, relative humidity of 90% ~ 95% conditions placed 8 hours, take out 10 minutes after testing, the product needs to meet 4. 7 voltage requirements, insulation resistance: input to output, under 500VDC conditions, minimum 10M ohm.
          Rated full load, operating temperature 25. The product life is within 30000 hours
          1 、 current protection: the product has a current fuse, the type is 250V 3A, fixed in the input circuit.
          2 、 short circuit protection: continuous short-circuit resistance and automatic recovery capability.
          1, 100% inspection items: no-load voltage, load voltage, ripple voltage, input current, withstand voltage test and general appearance inspection.  
          2, sampling inspection, in addition to the 100% inspection items, but also includes insulation resistance and audible sound inspection.  
          3, submit each batch of sampling inspection report and 100% pressure test report.   
          4, sampling inspection project level: MIL-STD-105E II fatal shortcomings of the 0, 0.25 main shortcomings, 1 minor defect.
          Main measuring equipment
          1, AC SOURCE/ AC input power: AFC-500W, external calibration once a year
          2, POWER METER/ power meter: CHROMA 2100, once a year external calibration
          3, ELECTRONIC LOAD/ electric load: PRODIGIT 3310C, once a year external calibration
          4, OSCILLOSCOPE/: TDS-2012B, external storage oscilloscope calibration once a year
          5, the DIGITAL MULTIMETER/ digital multimeter; Fluke 4.5, once a year external calibration
          6, DC POWER/ DC input power: WYK-6030, external calibration once a year
          7, HIPOT TESTER/ voltage tester: LANKE ELECTRONICS 7112, external calibration once a year
          8 INSULATIONRASISTANCE, TESTER/ insulation resistance table: YD2681A, external calibration once a year
          Get authentication
          USA / Canada UL, FCC
          Europe / Germany, TUV/GS, CE, CB, RoHS, LVD, EMC
          British BS,
          Australia SAA
          Korea KC
          Japan PSE
          Chinese CCC
          Taiwan BSMI
          Product application
          5V2A power supply, CFD03C-0502000 power adapter applications
          Lead-acid batteries, electric toys, humidifier, air purifier, motor massage beauty equipment, security monitoring systems, precision measuring instruments, electronic information products, printing equipment, peripheral image audio amplifier, LED indoor lighting, household appliances, digital communication LCD, LED LCD, LED outdoor lamp etc..

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